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Green Media Ads Launches SearchAbility Africa Business Directory for SMBs

Nigeria is a vast ecosystem for small businesses. Even though they are usually underestimated, they contribute 48% of Nigeria’s GDP, accounting for 96% of businesses and 84% of employment (Dataphyte, 2023). The most under-leveraged of these is the online market with less than 0.25% of these businesses having any sort of online presence. And of those businesses that do, their core challenge is having to juggle it all as it is usually a self-run business model, especially noting that 28% of digital marketers spend up to 5 hours per week creating visual content (Venngage, 2020), which can be challenging to keep up.

Green Media Ads has built an online directory platform (SearchAbility Africa) that offers small businesses an integrated solution that covers all their marketing and advertising needs with little to no efforts directly dependent on them to run. This platform provides a variety of options that will increase online visibility and exposure for small and medium businesses. The goal is to help SMBs leverage the market potential of digital marketing to give their business a competitive edge over their competition for online exposure. This is only possible when they have a developed online presence and a creative way of communicating their offers in the best light.

Technology and social media have altered how businesses offer their services to potential customers. In this light, Green Media Ads has launched SearchAbility Africa, an online business directory dedicated to helping small and medium businesses thrive in the ever-evolving digital space.

About Green Media Ads (GMA)

Green Media Ads - Oficial Owner of SearchAbility Africa

GMA is a team of creatives specializing in implementing sustainable solutions to help small and medium businesses thrive in a fast-changing digital era. The ultimate goal is to see that small businesses have a chance to explore digital marketing which is now the leading form of marketing and advertising. SearchAbility Africa Online Business Directory will help small businesses reach the right audience through organic search visibility, search engine optimization and search engine advertising.

About SearchAbility Africa

SearchAbility Africa Business Directory by Green Media Ads

SearchAbility Africa is a premier online directory that is dedicated to African businesses. Our mission is to connect small and medium businesses across Africa, enabling them to be discovered and searchable worldwide. We are committed to empowering African entrepreneurs and propelling their businesses towards global recognition.

At SearchAbility Africa, we understand the immense potential and talents within African businesses. Our platform serves as a gateway to showcase their products, services, and unique offerings to a global audience. Among the advantages of opting for SearchAbility Africa Business Directory are:

  • User Friendly: Our user-friendly interface and intuitive search function make it effortless for users to find businesses based on specific categories, locations, or keywords. We believe in simplicity and efficiency, ensuring that potential customers can connect with you quickly and easily. Our goal is to enhance visibility and increase opportunities for growth, no matter the stage of your business journey.
SearchAbility Africa - By Green Media Ads
  • Trustworthy: We place a strong emphasis on credibility and reliability. Every business listing on SearchAbility Africa undergoes a rigorous verification process to maintain accurate and up-to-date information. We encourage customers to share their experiences through reviews and ratings, fostering a culture of transparency and trust within our vibrant community.
  • Cost Effective: We have premium features for FREE and our paid subscriptions are the cheapest across Africa, giving a wide range of options for search engine advertising. Small businesses can attract interested customers around their location with targeted advertising on the platform
  • Ease of Communication: Our platform is flexible with creative features to communicate your offering in the simplest form. Customers can easily communicate with vendors using the chat feature.
  • Beyond Directory: Beyond being a directory, SearchAbility Africa strives to provide additional resources and support to help businesses thrive. Our platform offers educational articles, industry insights and collaboration opportunities. We are dedicated to creating an ecosystem that nurtures and empowers African businesses, helping them reach new heights of success.

SearchAbility Africa Business Directory Launch

SearchAbility Africa Launch

SearchAbility Africa was founded in 2021 but was officially launched on the 4th of November 2023 after rigorous work was carried out by the Green Media Ads team to design and develop the platform. The business directory was launched with a masterclass, themed SearchAbility for Small Businesses.

The platform is officially open for small business owners to list their products, professional services, event services and properties.

Join us in our mission to make African businesses searchable worldwide. Together, we can forge connections, unlock opportunities, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of African entrepreneurship. Visit www.searchabilityafrica.com to get started or send us an email via support@searchabilityafrica.com.

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