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How To Find Trending Products To Sell With Google Trends

Google Trends allows business owners easy access to find trending products to sell online. By using the search bar on the Google Trends website, you can see which products are being bought and sold more than usual. To get started, you have to use the provided search terms to find products currently in high demand.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trend is a tool used to track the popularity of search terms over time. It shows how often a particular phrase is being searched for on Google, as well as the geographical location and language of those searches. It also provides keyword-related metrics, the search volume of your search terms and information about the search engine users.

How do I use Google Trends?

You can search Google Trends via the search engine results page by using the tool. Then click on Google Trends in the sidebar from the menu to see what is currently trending, afterwards, search by topic to find more information. Find out more by visiting the official website here.

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Step by step guide on ‘How to set up google trends’

Google Trends can be maximized for various purposes, from technological forecasting to SEO optimization on Google search engine pages. The best way to utilize it is dependent on what you hope to glean from it. Business owners should take note of current trends in their industry and use them as a guide for future planning.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up your google trends tools;

  • Ensure you are signed in on your browser with your Gmail account
  • Ensure you have an internet connection
  • Visit the Google Trend website by visiting trends.google.com
  • You will find the top three trending topics around the world
  • Find trends related to your search query by exploring the search bar

For instance, if your search query is “ebooks”, a graph plot of the total number of related searches will be displayed on the next page. Then you can compare with other search terms and adjust your setting according to geographical information.

How can I see what’s trending on Google?

If you’re curious about what’s trending on Google, there are a few ways to find out.

  • Firstly, use the Google Trends tool. This tool will show how often a specific term or phrase has been searched.
  • Secondly, a good way to see what’s trending on Google is to use the “Google search trends” module in the Google AdWords account manager. This module will show you which keywords are being searched for most frequently on Google.
  • And finally, if you want to see a more comprehensive list of all the keywords that are currently being searched for on Google, then use the “Search Console” section of your website’s statistics.

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How do I use Google Trends for SEO?

Since Google Trends can also help online business owners make better decisions while launching their businesses, we have compiled a guide to help them maximize the trends to rank their websites for SEO.

  • Find search volume trends

Trending search terms continue to be essential for marketers to track, as the volume of traffic generated by those terms can tell you a great deal about what people are looking for online. Google keeps track of these trends in its “Search Volume” report, which you can be accessed on the platform.

  • Find related keywords

Related keywords give you an insight into what keyword is performing better when you compare them. For instance, “free ebook” and “look” have different results on the search trends.

  • Find breakout keywords

Google states that breakout keywords have over 5000% as a search result, and there is not enough data for it, which means that millions of people are searching for this query such that Google can’t collect each of their data.

  • Look for Related Topics around the keyword

Once you are done collating the right keywords, explore other options on Google Trends to find related topics and create content around them.

How do I use Google Trends for a niche?

Hereā€™s how to use Google Trends to explore your niche:

  1. Go to Google Trends and enter your keyword into the search bar.
  2. Click ā€œTrends Over Timeā€ under the ā€œSearch Resultsā€ tab.
  3. The chart below will show how frequently the keyword has been searched.
  4. Use the information gotten to determine what topics are relevant to your niche and what people are more interested in learning about.

What are the benefits of Google Trends?

The benefits of Google’s Trend tool are enormous and can’t be overemphasized. Some of them include:

  • It allows online business owners to see what keyword best targets their target audience and is also performing well
  • With this tool, users can target customers with a specific keyword as it relates to their search terms
  • It allows business owners to craft their niche according to trends, thereby increasing their sales online.
  • You can identify top traffic sources and signals of an impending trend change.
  • It can show you how popular a particular keyword is across different regions, languages, and platforms (such as Google AdWords).


As you can see from this article, Google Trends offers many benefits and use cases for business people, marketers, and researchers. The ease of the tool lets you benefit from it if you want to know the trending topics and keywords in the world. Notably, it is important to monitor the evolution of topics that matter to you and your business needs.

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