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10 Best eBook Plugins for WordPress (Free & Paid)

EBook plugins are a great way to increase the number of eBook sales on your website. They make it possible for eBook buyers to add features to their eBooks that enhance the reading experience.

These plugins can include features like social sharing, video playback, recommendations and more. By adding these features, sellers can make their eBooks more appealing to potential customers.

Before we look at the plugins, let’s take a brief look at some things you need to understand about eBooks.

How Do I Create An EBook?

When it comes to eBooks, there are a few things to consider before diving in and creating one. The most important thing to think about is your buyer. Who is your target audience? Once you know that, then there’s no limit to what you can create.

There are different ways to create an eBook. If you’re not tech-savvy, don’t worry – there are many online services that can help you create one without any coding or design experience. So, because of this, we have published a guide on How to Create an Ebook From Start to Finish. This guide will put you through all the processes involved in creating your first eBook if you’re a newbie.

One of the most popular services for creating eBooks is called Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). With KDP, you can create a paperback or hardcover book as well as an eBook, and it’s free to use. You simply upload your manuscript and cover, and then KDP takes care of the rest – from formatting to publishing.


What Do I Need To Start Selling An EBook?

  1. In order to sell an eBook, you will need to have a completed manuscript and cover design.
  2. You can self-publish using services like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Apple iBooks Author.
  3. You can also publish with traditional publishing houses. There are a variety of formatting and pricing options available.
  4. You will need to create promotional materials, such as book signings and blog tours.
  5. Once your eBook is published, you will need to market it for maximum exposure. This can be done through online marketing, radio appearances, and book signings.
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Why Do You Need An EBook Plugin?

If you are wondering why this article on Best eBook Plugins for WordPress is important to you, then these are good reasons why you may want to consider using an eBook plugin for your WordPress blog.

These plugins provide a variety of features that can help you publish, manage, and sell eBooks quickly and easily. Here are some of the benefits of using an eBook plugin:

  • eBook publishing is simple with eBook plugins. You simply add your content, set up your pricing, and let the plugin do the rest.
  • Plugin authors often offer helpful support, so you can get started quickly and have questions answered promptly.
  • Plugin developers are constantly creating new features for eBook plugins, so you can be sure that your needs will be met.
  • plugins make it easy to sell eBooks through various channels such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Barnes & Noble Nook Press, and Apple iBooksstore.

The Top 10 Best EBook Plugins For WordPress

There are a lot of different eBook plugins for WordPress, but these are the 10 best. They all make it easy to create and manage eBooks, and they all have free and premium versions.

  1. Easy Digital Downloads
Best eBook Plugins for WordPress
Best eBook Plugins for WordPress

Easy Digital Downloads is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to distribute eBooks and other digital downloads using your blog. The plugin includes a custom post type, an easy-to-use download form, and support for file attachments. You can also use Easy Digital Downloads to generate sales reports, track downloads, and more.

Pricing: Easy Digital download plugin offers a basic version for free to all WordPress users. However, you may get the premium version for $99.50 per annum.

  1. EBook Store
Best eBook Plugins for WordPress

The eBook store is a plugin for WordPress which provides a convenient way to sell eBooks. When installed, the plugin creates an “eBook” category on your WordPress site and adds the necessary hooks to allow you to sell eBooks through your blog.

The plugin also provides a simple interface for setting up your eBook sales page and manages all of the details required to keep your books secure and up-to-date with the latest security measures.

Pricing: eBook store Plugins also offers a free basic plan while the pro plan cost $30.

  1. Optin Monster
Best eBook Plugins for WordPress

The Optin Monster is a popular plugin for WordPress that allows you to create opt-in forms on your site. These forms can be used to collect email addresses, subscriptions, or other contact information from your visitors.

The Optin Monster is a great way to collect contact information from your visitors. It’s easy to set up and use, and it can help you increase your website’s traffic. If you’re looking for a plugin that can help you increase your website’s traffic, the Optin Monster is a good option to consider.

Pricing: Optin Monster offers two tiers of pricing, the free version and the pro version.

The pro version cost about $9 per month.

  1. Wp Forms
Best eBook Plugins for WordPress

WordPress forms are an important part of any WordPress site. They allow you to collect data from your visitors, process that data, and generate a response that the visitor can see. Forms are also great for gathering information about your eBook sales. With WordPress forms, you can easily collect information about who bought your eBook, when they bought it, and even what format they purchased it in.

Pricing: This plugin offers a free version with limited features and a pro version that cost $39.5 per annum.

  1. Magalone Flipbook For WordPress

Magalone is a new WordPress plugin that enables you to create flipbooks or eBooks from your website. Magalone is easy to use and lets you create professional-looking flipbooks without any prior experience.

You can create flipbooks of your website content, blog posts, or any other type of document. Magalone also has a built-in editor that makes creating your flipbooks painless. Once you’re finished creating your flipbook, you can share it with the world by uploading it to Magallanes website or posting it on a social media platform.

Pricing: The plugin cost about $42.5 per annum

  1. Seedprod

Seedprod is a WordPress plugin that lets you create eBooks and plugins. It’s easy to use and makes creating your own plugins and eBooks simple. You can also customize the appearance of your books and plugins.

Pricing: The plugin offers a free version with limited features and a paid plan which cost $39.50 per annum.

  1. Bookomatic

Bookomatic is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create and publish eBooks. With just a few clicks, you can create a beautiful eBook with cover design, text formatting, and other options. You can also add bookmarks, notes, and highlights to your books. And if you want to sell your eBooks online, Bookomatic has built-in sales features.

Pricing: This eBook plugin does not have a free version. It offers the pro version for $19 for 6 months and offers a $7.5 discount when you pay per annum.

  1. Paid Downloads Pro – eBook WordPress Plugin

Paid Downloads Pro is a plugin that allows you to easily add paid downloads to your WordPress blog. It’s simple to set up and works with both WordPress and WooCommerce, so you can easily start collecting payment information from your readers.

Pricing: it costs $22 for regular usage (per annum) and $110 for lifetime usage.

  1. WooCommerce Book Chapter Tab

Book Chapter Tab is a WordPress plugin that helps you create custom tabs for your books or eBooks. You can add any number of book chapters to your WordPress site, and choose which chapters are displayed on each tab. You can also customize the look and feel of each tab, including the font, color, and border width. Book Chapter Tab is a great way to organize your books or eBooks on your website.

  1. Library Bookshelves

A library bookshelf plugin for WordPress lets you manage and display your books on shelves in a simple, drag-and-drop interface. You can add, delete, or reorder books with just a few clicks, and view information about each book such as its title, author, and rating. The plugin is free to download from the WordPress Plugin Directory and works with both WPBakery Page Builder and WordPress Core.

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Are there any other means to put eBooks on my WordPress website?

Yes there are, putting eBooks on your WordPress website is easy! All you need is a copy of the EPUB 2 eBook format converter, and a plugin to publish your eBooks. Once you have these items, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the EPUB 2 eBook format converter from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  2. Install the converter plugin on your WordPress website.
  3. Upload your eBooks using the converter plugin.
  4. Choose a publishing method from the eBook publisher’s options page.
  5. Enter your eBook’s title, author name, and other information on the Publishing Info page.
  6. Review your settings and click Publish to create your eBooks

Top 5 Recommended EBook Themes For WordPress

Since you now know the Best eBook Plugins for WordPress, you might also need recommendation on themes that will be perfect for the above mentioned plugins. If you are looking for themes that will help you create your eBook, here are five of the best.

  • WooCommerce: This plugin enables you to sell products and services online using WordPress. It has a built-in eBook creator that makes creating and formatting your eBook easy.
  • Bakery by WPBakeryCo: This theme was designed specifically for bakery owners and managers. It has features like custom menus and widgets that make it easy to manage your business from a single platform.
  • Thesis: This theme is perfect if you want to create an academic-themed eBook. It has features like custom headers and footers, as well as widget support so you can easily include interactive content.
  • WordPress e-reader: This theme gives you a beautifully designed eBook reader for your website. It includes everything you need to create an eBook, including an e-reader form, chapter markers, and book covers.
  • Kindle Book: This theme gives you a beautiful Kindle book interface for your website. You can customize the look and feel of the theme to match your own website design.

Conclusively, If you’re looking for the best eBook plugins for WordPress, be sure to check out the recommended plugins above. These plugins will help optimize your eBook publishing process and make your content look its best. Whether you’re looking for a free plugin or a paid one, we’ve got you covered. So go ahead and get started today.

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